So, I wanted to do this remake for a while now. It’s sad the original version I made is now deleted. But hopefully some people will remember my old one. It was pretty old so I’ll be impressed if you can. This video is a bit more revealing than my other videos but that’s kinda part of the meme.
Hopefully no one minds.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this. It surprisingly didn’t take me too long.

Original —
Original remake —
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Also inspired —
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Heavily referenced —

!!Thanks for watching!!


☆ Socal media’s ☆

☆ Discord — Quara Sans’s girl#9317
☆ Deviantart — Poppet-Seed /Quara Sans’s girl
☆ instagram — Poppet_seed
☆ Twitter — quara_sans_girl
☆ youtube — you’re here you pleb XD

♡ Apps used ♡

♡ Flipaclip
♡ kinemaster
♡ IbisPaint X

♢ criticism status ♢

♢ I am a hobby artist so I don’t want or accept criticism. Please don’t give any I’ll learn at my own pace and if I want to. Art is for fun not to be perfect.

♧ Innaproprate comments ♧

♧ Any hurtful, hateful, or disrespectful comments will be deleted. You may also get blocked if I feel it’s necessary.

♤ FAQ ♤

Q. What do you use to animate?
A. Flipaclip, kinemaster and IbisPaint X

Q. Do you take requests?
A. No but my commissions might be open. Go check out my Deviantart.

Q. How did you learn to draw?
A. Alot of practice. Find a artist that inspires you and aspire to be just like or even better than them. (DO NOT TRACE OR COMPLETLY COPY. It’s rude)

Q. Can I use you’re animation/ art as reference?
A. I like to be original. So if you do please change things up and provide credit. (Credit isn’t necessary but it’s nice)

Q. Which are your main oc’s?
A. Quara. Meg. Lillie. Poppet. And a few other oc’s I occasionally draw

Q. How old are you?
A. 18

Q. How long have you been drawing?
A. I started to drew a while ago when I was 3-4 years old. Then I stopped due to issues with my learning. But I started drawing again at 13 and haven’t stopped since.

Q. Do you have a dream?
A. I haven’t quite decided on one yet so I’m still learning.

Q. Fps?
A. Usually 12 or 15

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