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Thankyou so much for watching! An absolutely massive Thankyou to Lylo London for gifting me these items, I will link their site below for if you’re interested in having a nose through! Remember to use code: MEGAN15 on orders over £20 to save those coins!


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♡ Age?- I’m 21, My birthday is December 8th.
♡ What do I edit on?- iMovie.
♡ Where am I from?- United Kingdom.
♡ When do I Upload?- As and when I’ve filmed!

♡ Disclaimer- I am in no way trying to brag or be someone I’m not in any of my videos and all opinions stated in my videos are entirely my own!

♡- I will always state in the video and in my videos description box if the video is sponsored in any way by a brand/company.

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I love you all,
Megan x

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