Almost every single child on the planet has played at least one sport over the course of their life, either because a parent or friend got them to play it, or because playing a sport was part of their gym class. In many cases, these children will continue to play a sport as they get older, mainly because they actually like the sport, but very few of them will pursue such a sport to a professional or Olympic level. The reason for this is quite simple, as Olympic and professional athletes generally make up the very best of what their respective sport has to offer, and the only way that they can achieve such a level, is by being incredibly athletic and skilled, and they also need to be able to keep up with rigorous training regiments.

The main difference between pro athletes and Olympians, is the fact that pros tend to play in major sports leagues, while Olympians tend to be amateur athletes who compete in World Championships and either the Summer or Winter Olympics. No matter what category they fall into, both types of athletes have to wear some kind of uniform or attire in order to compete, and to show solidarity with their teammates. We all wear clothes, and at some point in time, many of us have experienced some kind of wardrobe malfunction where our clothing either rips or somehow falls off, and in either case, we end up showing some excess amount of skin. In the sporting world, these malfunctions, or «oops» moments are greatly magnified, because they occur on live television that is sometimes being watched by millions of people, and this article will identify 20 of these moments.