Hot Swimsuit Micro Bikini Haul Most Hottest Bikine bottom.Quick look about the variations of Micro bikini! What is yours?

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Throughout the decades, micro bikinis get many variant ranging from brazilian, mono, micro, tie-side, thong, g-string, euro, and the list continues…

Cheeky bikini

Cheeky is the microkini that has a deeper cut up the back-side that cuts up the cheeks. Cheeky offers butt coverage without the “diaper” effect that you get with most full-coverage bikinis. 

If you get butts, let try least one pair of scrunch butt bottoms since it shows off your natural curves. It is true that full-coverage bikinis may make women look wider, but the cheeky cut is flattering to the hips and butt by training the eye to associate lesser fabric with a narrower profile. 

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