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Welcome, into the my channel.
I deeply touched,cause a lot of people love my mod and subscribed my channel.
Thank you very much.

They want to more quality about micro, so i tried a lot.
it wasn’t easy and there is even bugs.
haha don’t worry, i will constantly update.
★This video made by other.I recommend these video.

★And used beautiful music mostercat
Music provided by Monstercat:
Rich Edwards feat. Danyka Nadeau — We Are


★DOWNLOAD(You have to download all)

*Skin texture

*Sliced Neck Fix


(Kazumi more big ver-)
*Python Mod

*python no tattoos

Enjoy Tekken7
(Harada jae bal update hae joe ㅠㅠ)

(0.3 USD)

UPPER-kunfu LOWR-chaps UPPER_ACC-clock(white pantie)orBattery box(black pantie)

5/26-Blue Texture:

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