Top 10 hottest celebrity bikini bodies!

The bikini is a fascinating piece of clothing. It has been around for ages. Ancient Greek portraits have been found to show women wearing bikini-resembling garments while attending the Greek Olympic Games. Ancient Roman creations also depict two women wearing separate pieces of clothing that look like bikinis. In the 1700s, a trend emerged among French women which involved wearing a silk blouse and a bottom that extended to the knees. This was one of the earliest forms of bikini, since the women wore this attire to the beach only.

Carl Jantzen was the first to create the earliest two-piece swimsuit in 1913. His design included sleeves with the top piece, and the bottom piece was basically tight shorts. The Bikini has continued to evolve since then, and today it encompasses multiple variations. These variants include the bandeaukini, a bikini whose top doesn’t have straps going over the shoulders, the microkini, which is a tremendously scanty bikini, the monokini, which basically involves wearing only one piece of the bikini, and the skirtini, which includes a small skirt with the bottom bikini piece.

Other variants include the sling bikini, which is just one piece of bikini where the top and bottom pieces are joined together with side straps, the string bikini, which is scantier and more revealing, the tankini, which includes a tanktop and a bottom piece, and lastly, the trikini, which is simply a handkerchief and two small saucers. Bikinis are widely associated with models. However, celebrities also love wearing them to the beach.